Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fear of Living Theatre presents...

Fear of Living Theatre - Pen and Ink - 1981, "N.S." (click to enlarge)

Translatable comic captions (frame by frame):

FEAR OF LIVING THEATRE presents "Antonia and Olga" (Modern Romance #1)
1) On sunny days, people stare out their windows.
2) On dark days, people stare out their windows.
3) One dark day...
4) Antonio, a hot young stud...
5) happened to be staring out his window...
6) while, across the street,
7) that cute slut, Olga
8) was staring out hers.
9) Their eyes met.
10) He got hard, right off the bat.
She got sick, and almost threw up.
11) He tried to communicate.
(Balloon: "Hey sweetie, wanna fuck?")
12) She was not impressed.
(Balloon: "Drop dead, dickhead!")
13) He tried to spit at her, but she was too far away.
14) She would've shot him, but she'd left her gun at the laundromat.
15) So, the next day...
16) He put up Venetian blinds -
she put in an air conditioner.
17) (Balloon: "And that's all, folks!")


I'm back... sort of. Although I'm still in transition - a woman without a permanent address - I do have some web access, so, I thought I'd put up one more FOL.

Apparently, I'm still feeling the "fear". 

Normal posting will commence sooner or later. At which point, this post, and both the previous and the initial Fear of Living posts will be removed (from this spot) and posted on a separate pages.

Peace out.

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  1. Grin...most definitely amusing....yet with a most suitable look at humanity (or is it the human condition?).

    Thanks for posting this!