Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Transdimensionalist's Dream

Above is one of my first forays into a Transdimensional art form: Botticelli's Blue Egg. Without going into the mechanics, suffice to say, many odd thoughts crossed my mind as I was working and reworking this image. I confess, I have always been attracted to what many consider to be the "paranormal", but very early on I developed a deep distaste for the word "paranormal" and the varieties of skepticism it attracts. In my mind, even if only in my mind at this time, paranormal phenomena are either in part or wholly Transdimensional phenomena, and, as such, cannot be understood or described by existing (i.e., popular) scientific trends, paradigms or theories. This is not to say that there are no footprints in Transdimensional soil, so to speak. It is to say, however, that at the time of this writing, theories or experiments that in any way fall under the auspices of the paranormal will not win you a Nobel prize, nor any other award for scientific achievement.

But, in my mind I have this re-occuring vision. It is simply this: the dark, leather cover of a bound book with the words, TRANSDIMENSIONAL SCIENCE written in capital leathers in metallic type. No, I didn't write it. There are no names beneath the title. It almost looks like the photographic memory of an old textbook. Does this mean anything? No, probably not... but, then again, I can't really say. The nature of dreams and visions might, likewise, fall under the heading of transdimensional.

Meanwhile, as far my own initial musings regarding the Transdimensional as it applies to life more than art, well, I started writing an essay last year which, in the interests of Transdimensional art, might provide a clue or two. Unless I suddenly decide otherwise, it will follow at some point in the near future.


  1. Amazing work!

    Love the depth of this piece.

  2. Thank you, BG! Really can't get enough of layering at this point - and the more layers, the happier I am with the results. The challenge is creating enough of order in the chaos so that each layer can be perceived.

    I see this printed on a silk fabric as well... a sort of transdimensional banner with no frame.

  3. Thank, K - lovely to see your comment here!