Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More "FEAR" !

"Fear of Living" promotional panel - pen & ink - 1981, DS (as N.S.) - Published in the East Village Eye, 1982

Translatable comic captions (frame by frame):

1) Why are these men smiling?
2)  A) They're stiffs.
3)  B) It's all done with strings.
4)  C) Drugs.
5)  D) Plastic surgery.
6)  E) They're being paid for it.
7)  O)
8)  X) (Balloon: "I don't know but I wish they'd stop!")
9)  9) You call this smiling?

"Fear of Living" "People" panel - pen & ink - 1981, DS as (N.S.) - Published in the East Village Eye, 1982

Translatable comic captions (frame by frame):

2) "People,
3) People
4) who need
5) people...
6) are the luckiest people
9) in the
10) world..."
11) (Lower half) (Balloon: Frankly, I like cats better...)


Why more "Fear of Living"?

Oh, I guess I'm just "in the mood", so to speak... whether y'all are or not! ;-)

(Besides which, I always hated that Streisand song...)

Incidentally, for those who can't read english... or, just can't read my cartoon writing, I'm going to add a paragraph of translatable script below, as I did just now in the previous panel.

(Note: If these strips appear blurry - trying clicking on, and viewing the larger size...)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Comic Relief - "Fear of Living"

FOL Comic Panel - Pen and Ink - 1981, DS (click to enlarge)

Translatable comic captions (frame by frame):

2) It snowed last night...
3) 10 people were killed
4) Because they did not stay in their houses!
5) 6 of the dead will be buried...
6) The other 4 will soon appear on a TV talk show,
(Balloons: "So, what's it like to be dead?"
"It could be worse"
"I miss my cigarettes")
7) write books, and endorse a laundry detergent.
8) (T-shirt:"You, too, can be a star!")
Remember: death sells!
9) So, next time it snows, do yourself a favor...
(Balloons: "It's kind of quiet here, but we like it."
"And it's cheap, too")
10) Get out of the house!
(Arrow text: Your house)
(Lower 1/2)  END
(Balloon: "Not me, I hate snow!")

Time: 1981.  Place: Lower East Side, New York City.  Consciousness: Enhanced.

Just dug this out of the files a few minutes ago and had my first and last laugh of the day (it being midnight). You kind of had to be there.  But, I don't know, it's still relevant in the sense that, as bad as anything ever is, the media blitz makes it worse. At least, that was one of my pet themes with "Fear of Living Comics"... I'll let you figure out the rest of them.

Anyway, if you're out there right now (and still have power), Jada, this one's for you! :-)

Added note, for the sake of context: "Fear of Living" was a short series of comic strips - 5 or 6 panels  -  I inked in Manhattan in 1981 as "N.S.". The first (above) was never submitted, but the others were published as small spots in The East Village Eye.

Below is a "glam" shot of myself  taken around that time by a photographer friend.

The Artist Not at Work ,1983 - Photo Credit: Steve MacNichol