Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For Women Everywhere...

No, this is not a feminist blog in the political sense... but, I just came upon a web article that not only applies to artists like Agnes Pelton - who "fell through the cracks" - but women everywhere who are trying to be seen and heard, but are almost programmed to fail; if not by the dictates of a male-dominated society or culture, then by inner psychological issues that, sadly, come with the female gender's territory.

The article is "10 Rules of Brilliant Women" by Tara Sophia Mohr... and if you, as a woman, regardless of your calling or present status, automatically assume that the rules couldn't possibly apply to you - well, therein lies the problem!


UPDATE 7/27/11

"I often feel a great deal of fear when I sit down to write," she says. "If I'm saying something that is controversial or even just really vulnerable and bold, it becomes really hard to overcome it and press send. If I think of it as yirah, as a kind of sacredness that is part of my creative process, as awe of what it is to share what I think with the world, then I'm able to actually enjoy it and get a little excitement out of it and even want to write the kind of pieces that bring out that feeling."

- Tara Sophia Mohr, via a Big Think article 7/27/11

I am updating this space with a link to a Big Think page featuring a short video by Tara Sophia Mohr (see above) regarding the issue of fear. This is not a for-women-only nor a for-creatives-only presentation... I think it's something anyone can benefit from. Video link is here.


  1. What a link to a fantastic post, Dia, thank you. It's ironically nice to be reassured by something that says, no you don't need reassurance. It all sounds verrrry familiar.

  2. You're welcome, T... that last bit of my post actually relates to me personally as well... when I saw the word "brilliant" in the title of the article, I immediately discounted myself! How self-defeating (and self-defeated) is that? :-(

  3. Great article! Thank you for posting it! You are most definitely brilliant Dia - I continue to be amazed at the beautiful work you create.

  4. You're too kind, friend (and fellow Martian), but I guess it takes brilliance to know brilliance and your work is certainly no less beautiful!

  5. It's true that women downplay their abilities and allow men to slip into leadership or authority roles. I have often wondered why but this post chimes with a few others I've seen on the subject. These days, at least, in our general environment, it depends on one's inner dialogue and whether one can retrain oneself to be positive.

  6. It's a complex issue... perhaps too complex an issue, The ties which bind women, as a gender, run deep... specifically older women.

    Then again, I'm afraid it takes more than a positive outlook to succeed in this society; one needs a certain amount of arrogance and a killer-instinct... and the training has to start in the cradle.

    But, if it means anything, I think the situation is improving... specifically for younger women (and men) under the age of 40.

  7. Actually, I just found this on BoingBoing - and it's perfect: