Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alchemy 1:01: Definitions of Terms

Above is detail from what I now consider to be my first digitally produced transfigurative image, from a three-panel triptych entitled: Alchemy of a Found Object.


The text which originally appeared here was removed. I have replaced it with definitions of terms that previously were posted on the sidebar of this blog.

Definitions of terms found within this blog:

In trying to describe my work, I am often dismayed to find that there are no word definitions from any source which are adequate for my purposes. Ultimately, it becomes necessary to create my own terms. These are not intended to be my personal "trademarks", however, merely definitions that I am throwing out there for consideration. They - and subsequent term definitions - will appear here, and are (tentatively) as follows:

trans-dimension - noun - a dimension without (apparent) physical mass that cannot be measured by use of conventional instruments and/or the mathematical co-ordinates used to define ordinary physical space.

This includes higher or lower dimensions beyond those already excepted as scientific fact, varieties of interstitial space, and negative, or "black"space.

transdimensional - adj. - That which relates to or can be described by a trans-dimension.

Can also pertain to phenomena that might exist within such a dimension and/or phenomena which have the ability to cross dimensions.

Transdimensionalism - noun - that which alludes to and/or is described by the term transdimensional.

In art - An artistic movement which is representative of the transdimensional, i.e., abstractions that either dispense with formal alignments of positive and negative space, or those which illuminate the relativity and/or symmetries ultimately binding them. Also pertains to that art which attempts to transcend boundaries of space and time, as in certain examples of abstract art and surrealism.

trans-figure - noun - In art, a figure which is not representative of an actual, corporeal figure and/or object. Also, a figure which is not necessarily metaphorical for any known object or ideology, existing wholly by and as itself and, as such, not necessarily obeying the physical laws of space. See transdimensional.

In digitally produced art, the trans-figure is often a transformed or a "morphed" figure. On the lower end of the hierarchy we have the simple "photo-shopped" figure, intentionally created to amuse and entertain. The genuine trans-figure, however, is generally more complex. See transfigurativism.

transfigurative - adj - defines art which is figurative, but not representative of actual existent figures or objects in 3-dimensional space. (See trans-figure). Very often, but not always, "space" is represented as transdimensional, whereby the "object" is rendered as an emergent.

Transfigurativism - noun - In art: that variety of art which employs the use of tranfigurative elements or the trans-figure. Transfigurativism, in its pure state, has no symbolic, theological, sociological and or political analogies or meaning. It, and the objects (trans-figures) it represents are ultimately and essentially a product of the unconscious mind and/or the inspired imagination, and that which might relate to incorporeal, often intangible, metaphysical experience(s).

Transfigurist, Transfigural, Transfigurism - variations on Transfigurativist, Transfigurative, Transfigurativism.

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