Friday, December 7, 2012

Time for a Change

Well, it's been over a year since Trans-D came into being, and while I liked the original graphic scheme (a snippet can be found here) - which seemed to be compatible, color-wise, with my own work, I was beginning to get turned off by the predominant shades of brown. I am always happiest with black! I'll still be tweaking it as time goes by, but, unless a whole lot of people inform me that they HATE it  - and really, you're allowed - and prefer the original, this... is... it!

(Later...) Okay, I guess I sort of worked out the bugs in this design, so hopefully it appears okay, regardless of varying monitor screens. Of course, depending upon what sort of gadget you're viewing this blog on, the background might not appear at all, but I just added the screen shot above for reference.

I also learned something new: .png files, regardless of the dimensions, do not change much in actual byte size. Which is kind of cool.

By the way, the background is the result of scanning some round glass cabochons with a scrap of black fabric laid over them. Interestingly, the cabochons were laid flat on the screen, but somehow took on a perspective in the  scan... a happy accident related to optics I hadn't foreseen.

But, no, the fabric is not velvet - thank you very much! ;-)


  1. Thinks I....the background should be what you want. And...doesn't black go with everything??

    Suitably elegant. Understated. Chic.

    But...I'm warning you...I might say something if you start painting on black velvet. The ONLY suitable subject is "The King".

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    1. Um... I guess that means you like it..? ;-)

      Well, the background image still needs reformatting, and one never does know what it appears like on other machines... but, all that ochre was giving me indigestion.