Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Triangulation & The 3 Hares (In Memory of a Beautiful Mind)

Four Degrees of Triangulation - 2015, DS

"Each planet has energy through it via a visible light spectrum and produces it’s own output albeit in a longer thermal wave and the production of atmospheres, and the concurrence of fluids ruled over by the Trident of Neptune. .. One could call our solar system an example of the conservation of energy...or perhaps not. Perhaps this is a strange astrology..cyclic and yet prone to flux. The visible conjoined to the invisible. And beyond this?

Is there a triadic ordering to the anomalous between existents and non existents? Is there a dipole to this that creates a dynamo that produces a music strange to our senses..attenuated to this exchange resulting not in physicality nor non physicality, but rather a reconciling force?

Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose the interdependence of what Bateson saw as two drum beats creates not a seeming harmonious rhythm but rather discordance as translated by our own triangulations."

- Bruce Deunsing, from his post The Physicality of Metaphysics

Four Degrees of Triangulation (2) - 2015, DS

"Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) in his whole life, did not own a home, he lived in hotels, never got married and besides him being a genius, his interesting personality was always the center of attention. Since he arrived to New York in 1884 he stayed in many hotels (especially the New Yorker which was the one he stayed the longest in) he would order his meal by phone, he would sit all alone in his suit at the table, since he had an obsession of numbers that could be divided by three he would order his napkins according to this and after a thorough hygiene control he would eat his meal."

-  Via this Tesla Society page.

"One of his proudest achievements was his TMT, (Tesla Magnifying Transmitter), or Tesla transponder. The few that have looked into this at a mathematical and experimental level seem to reach the conclusion that it is a system of resonant transformers harmonically balanced to the electric condition of the Earth...If the phase angle of the earth pulsation frequency lags the phase angle of the pulsating frequency, energy is abstracted from the earth's supply of energy and delivered as "free energy" to the transponders. Three distinct standing waves, each coupled to the other through two points of refraction are involved in its operation. This is GROSSLY simplified to arrive at a possible solution to our 3-6-9 problem."

- Via "Steve" from this Physics forums page: Why was Tesla Obsessed with the Number 3?


I thought I'd let the triangulations speak for themselves for a while before I put in my left-brained "two cents". As it stands, I'm having a difficult time writing these days, and I regret stalling on posting to this blog, but it can't be helped. I am currently immersed in 2 relief-sculptural projects - yes, I'm carving plaster again(!) - and the "brains" are battling each other for time.

Then again, I've just been informed that the planet Saturn has gone retrograde. Never a good thing, my fellow earthlings. The bottom line: beware of Karma... yours and everyone else's.

This post is sort of a companion piece to the one posted here - a memorial to fellow blogger, Bruce Duensing, who just happened to be a misunderstood genius - but it's inadvertently dedicated to another "beautiful mind" and another misunderstood genius, Nicola Tesla, with whom Bruce may have had a few things in common...

It's sort of an "urban myth" that Tesla was obsessed with the number three, but Duensing, too, had his attraction to triangulations, something I didn't realize until I listened to a recent podcast tribute to him. Which sort of freaked me out, because one of the carvings it took me over a month to design, and one which only revealed its geometric secrets to me this past week, is (you guessed it) my interpretation of the 3-Hares.* Yes, the self-same symbol I've been obsessing over the past few posts. Interestingly, what I'd been obsessing over for the past week or so is the triadic geometry of the symbol. In fact, there's so much triadic geometry embedded in the symbol I'd be inclined to hypothesize that its original purpose was to provide a graphic geometry lesson in code: the fundamental forms of geometrical triangulation.

The graphics above were originally the diagrams I discovered when I analyzed my own 3-Hares design. When the carving of this piece is finally accomplished, I'll post further information, but, suffice to say, the triangulations above are no more than the succession of overlaying triangular planes, one over the other, 1-8, forming "stars" with points that are multiples of three. (i.e., 2 triangles create a 6 pointed star - or "Star of David"- while 5, for instance, creates that sophisticated (and enigmatic) 15-pointed star. (It, by the way, is the first star on the second triangulation panel shown.)

All of this is quite elementary, of course, but quite beautiful nonetheless. Not as beautiful as the minds they're dedicated to, but then, the geometry entailed in those particular non-local locations is currently boundless and without form...


Alchemical symbol via the mysterious "Basilius Valentinus".

Meanwhile, in my endless hunt for more 3-Hare mythology, I came across the alchemical symbol above. Now, I'd heard of the 3-Hares used as an alchemical symbol, but generally as a symbol for tin. As it stands, I can't conceive that the 3-Hare image even remotely has anything to do with the alchemical symbols for tin, which are generally represented in one of two ways... either as some weird cipher based on the 2/4 geometry of the square, or with the same symbol used for the planet Jupiter.

As far as the 3-Hare symbol's relation to the planet Venus, well, we'll have to consider the mysterious source: the enigmatic "Basilius Valentinus." From Wiki:

"Basil Valentine is the Anglicised version of the name Basilius Valentinus. Basilius Valentinus was alleged to be a 15th-century alchemist, possibly Canon of the Benedictine Priory of Saint Peter in Erfurt, Germany. According to John Maxson Stillman, who wrote on the history of chemistry, there is no evidence of such a name on the rolls in Germany or Rome and no mention of this name before 1600. His putative history, like his imaginary portrait, appears to be of later creation than the writings themselves.

During the 18th century it was suggested that the author of the works attributed to Basil Valentine was Johann Thölde, a salt manufacturer in Germany who lived roughly 1565–1624, Modern scholarship now suggests that one author was Thölde, but that others were involved. Thölde published the first five books under Valentine's name.

Whoever he was, Basil Valentine had considerable chemical knowledge. He showed that ammonia could be obtained by the action of alkali on sal-ammoniac (ammonium chloride), described the production of hydrochloric acid by acidifying brine of common salt (sodium chloride), and created oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid), among other achievements."

In other words, we have no answers (well, unless the German inscription is the solution). However, if you've been following my ideological trail, you've possibly already come to a similar conclusion: Basilus Valentinus was quite possibly a woman. But, don't let that dismay you. The medieval world was full of women currently waiting in this blog's wings. (Let that dismay you!) :-)

 And, I'm still getting to those women. Really.

Once again, bear with me.


* BTW, my second proposed carving is of a Green Woman.


  1. Most intriguing as always....and why on earth should one be dismayed at the expose of the exploits of medieval women?? Let their contributions be numbered! History is often male-based, so it's good someone is publishing the other side.

    1. As always, BG, thanks for your support!

      My present problem is attempting to jockey with the physics of the three-dimensional world, the dictates of the muse, the obligations of the virtual world, the history of the medieval world, human relationship considerations, and the ongoing list of mundane daily affairs without going stark raving mad. Come to think of it - apart from the historical angle and possibly the muse side of the equation - that's probably what a lot of people are attempting to do...!

      Hopefully they're better at it than I am! ;-)

  2. Yes, Saturn is retrograde, but it forces you to go over things again - maybe you're wrestling with how the extra-dimensions, the unseen ones, interact with the 3-D ones? If so you are not alone - it is a common underlying current everywhere. It is so hard and painful to stretch awareness past the evident, but perhaps it is easier to see it as a process?

    1. Actually, the only thing I seem to be wrestling with these days is time... there's not enough of it for the various processes entailed. If anything's out of synch or awry, it's probably my brain's synapses.;-)