Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn Leaf Eye Candy

Apart from the size - blown-up 200% - these scans are the real deal - no color enhancement was employed. With their amazing colors - blood reds, acid yellows, and florescent greens - the dying maple leaf can rival those of the more exotic, tropical plants.

Re: scanning. In the last analysis, it's a type of photography... with the major exception being that the subject is placed/designed/arranged from behind, with no clue as to what the obverse result will be. It's kind of like a crap-shoot.  But, when it works, it works!

Note: even lighting is a factor in the scanned image. The first was positioned poorly on the scanner bed, and faced the scanner light in a less-than-ideal direction. You can see how much the surface detail is improved in the second scan (directly above), which was shot on a different angle.

(Click images for original size.)


  1. Very cool! You definitely have scanning down to an art.

    1. Thanks! But I don't know about an art... craft, maybe. The art comes into play when an object is scanned into the computer and, through a series of manipulations, loses its original identity... morphing into something else entirely. ;-)