Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just A Little Witchery...

Painting by Remedios Varo

... in celebration of Halloween, Samhain and the Celtic New Year.

Painting by Leonora Carrington

Originally, I had planned to do an in-depth Halloween exploration of two important artists, and favorite Surrealists of mine, Patron Saint #7: Remedios Varos, and Patron Saint #8: Leonora Carrington. Fate intervened in the form of Hurricane Sandy, however, and power returned to my neck of the woods only about an hour ago. It could be worse - last I knew, New Jersey was still under water, and NYC was still in the dark.

Best I could do.

Blessed Be.


Note: More links regarding Leonora Carrington can be found in Patron Saint #9: Kay Sage - "I Walk Without Echo"

Regarding Remedios Varo, Patron Saint #7: of all the Patron Saints on this blog, she is the only woman to be included in WikiPaintings. (Correction! As of this note, November 2013, Carrington has found her place on Wikpaintings, as well.)

In view of my regretfully truncated post for these two phenomenal artists, I am including YouTube videos for both of them here. My advice is view them full-screen.


  1. Fitting images...and Happy Halloween!

    1. Halloween is kind of a no-show here... not even a visible moon to howl at.

      But, my creature comforts have returned... so, this witch is A-OK. ;-)

  2. Speaking of witchery...I sense...a great disturbance in the aether...the transparent veils between the worlds are fluttering in an ionic wind......and .....I see something about the Quantum Mystic...but.....the voices are faint..and what I see..fades before my eyes.


    1. Hah! So, you caught that, you little devil, you. :-)
      Well, your, uh, premonition was almost correct... just make that "Quantum Occultist", wave your magic wand, and wait a few minutes... all shall be revealed!

    2. On second thought, scratch the word "occultist" as well... popular misinterpretation of the word would have me sacrificing goats and conjuring demons.

      And, if you don't catch this post in time, it might just fade back into the "ionic wind" again.

      It's like magic. ;-)