Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cicada 7/17/12

... found by the side of the road, during one of my walkabouts.... Cars were driving by, and I felt weird stooping down to pick it up it's lifeless body, but I couldn't just leave it there. Cicadas are one of my personal totems... dead ones appearing at significant times.

I guess the Dog Days of Summer are almost upon us... already? 

Meanwhile, there's shortly to be a "For Sale" sign going up in front of my house. This means, I will probably have little time for blogging. Wish me luck, and enjoy what remains of this summer!

Till next time...

(Later note: A future - 2013 - post in which the cicada, once again, emerges: The Jewel - Image and Premonition)


  1. Once, a friend and I went to a gallery art repository, and saw an incredible sculpture. We could not figure out how the artist made it - until it flew away. :0

    Good luck on the house sale!

    1. Ha! Wish I was there. Sounds like one of those LSD tales (from yesteryear).

      Thanks for the wish. It's my childhood home that I moved back to 15 or so years ago... fully intending for it to be a temporary thing. I don't think I've ever been anything but sad here - so it's a positive venture!

  2. HMMMm...I was quite unfamiliar with cicadas (unless you call 'em grasshoppers) and thought perhaps they didn't exist here in the NW, but GOOGLE shows me they do - just in few areas and numbers (apparently).

    All things have a cycle and I hope your house sale goes well.

    And you know..thinking back on the least it didn't burst out of yor "Alien"...BUT you have to admit that's a lot more dramatic than finding one on the road. Okay...I guess I'm digressing a bit....

    1. Thanks, Bob!

      Cicadas do have an alien quality... but just about no awareness or interest in humans at all... Sorry! ;-)