Monday, November 2, 2020

Every Day is Halloween...

A scanned-in pumpkin is given a narrative - digital - DS 2020.

... or Samhain, if you prefer. So, while I apologize for not coming to the table on the actual day, well, does it really matter?

Anyway, I've been camping out in a rabbit hole these days... and diligently trying to produce a post relative to the situation. As it was, the image appearing above was meant for my "other" blog... but after some careful consideration - and possibly some subliminal communication with the those on the "other" side - it was decided that the Famous Last Words on Post-Mac Blues would neither be my own nor Mac's, but, instead, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's.

I did read some good news today. In reference to a footnote in my previous post... the one about the "fat" lady singing, it seems like she's singing for Biden & Harris... as every artist, woman, and intelligent human should be. See: The Countdown: Lady Gaga gets drawn in as campaign heats up.

I hesitate to hope... but, maybe, this is a good omen!


  1. As I write this, the election results are unknown, but it is not all Light Victorious I fear. Anything round and orange is appropriate these days. Let us ALL hope! Love the new pumpkin piece! You work magic with the scanner.

    1. No, darling, I disagree. Only pumpkins are appropriate this time of year. All other round and orange things are required to move out of the way... and/or resign.

      Time to rid ourselves of the real Disease. Time to make America SANE again.

      BTW, thanks. Scanners document a kind of truth and the images are interesting to work with. This image took minutes. Some take years.

      Oh, also, the pumpkin stem in the image really WAS that long.

      But, it doesn't (pathetically) draw attention to this endowment like some of the other round, orange things. ;-)

    2. We hang in the void -- suspended (at the moment) between madness and sanity. I shall bow to your wisdom in the matter of the appropriateness of pumpkins. As for minutes or years, this is the way of all art. Some pieces pop into existence, others are toiled over. I wondered about the stem! All in all, a most cool piece of art!

      Now back to chalking the pentagram so I can begin the incantations of protection....

    3. Well, BG, I'm guessing you know by now: The USA has it's first female VP! It took over 200 years but, hey, it happened. And, to any of those you may know who are dismayed by the election's outcome, just say: cheer up, we might just make America great again.

    4. America IS Great Again....JUST now. Forward! Onward to a better future! My faith in this nation has been restored, but damn...did it have to be so close??