Saturday, February 4, 2017

For the Angels (Part 2)

Photograph of an arrangement of cast angel ornaments (3" in diameter)
and a cast octacyclohedron - © 1993, 2017, DS
(click to enlarge)

Note (2/13/17): I can't believe I started constructing this post almost 10 days ago. I'm so very sorry for the delay, folks! As per usual, what began as a simple "tune"  blew up into a major orchestration. I'd love to have the text up by tomorrow - Valentine's Day (or V-Day to we cynics) - but, just in case I don't, !'ll post a companion piece to the above photo today. This one will eventually appear at the end of the finished post, so, this way, all I have to do is fill up everything in-between. ;-)

Incidentally, the 2 cast angels in the photo(s) are all that remain of a what was originally a Christmas project I undertook in 1993. The original sculpture (and its revised version) were molded and carved in a combination of plaster and modeling clay. As it so happens, I began creating the cyclohedra in the same year, so the juxtaposition of the two are not as weird as it may seem.

Happy V-Day, everybody! If nothing else, the day is a celebration of Love... so, even the most solitary among us can participate. Right?

Give yourself a Valentine tomorrow.

Version 2... All the angels are identical, but note the difference a slight
change in lighting makes.


Update (2/24/17): Change of plans! This post - for whatever it is (or isn't) - is now complete. Stay tuned for For the Angels - 3:01 (Three's the Charm) wherein ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

Well, okay, that's silly... not "all"... just the stuff that was (formerly) supposed to appear here.

Welcome to the weirdest blog on the internet! ;-)


  1. Lovely I can't wait to see the rest of the post. I would love to see these cast in real life!

    1. Thanks, sweets... but I just clarified it in the caption: these are photographs, so, yes, the angels were cast in real life... 1993 to be exact.

      I can't wait to see the rest of the post, too! ;-)

  2. LOL...the weirdest blog on the internet.

    I checked the new post, but apparently the stars are not aligned ;)

    1. Are the stars ever aligned? ;-)
      But, okay the new post is up... just not all of it! In other words, there is, yet, one more angel post to come. (Shoot me.)
      BTW, In terms of content, this is most definitely NOT the weirdest blog. In terms of technique, however, well...