Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Transdimensional Landscapes of San Base

There are numerous new artists out there - too many, in a sense, to wrap ones head around - and new artists jumping into the digital arena every day. But, every now and then, I'm introduced to new art (this time via MOCA) that really resonates with me, and art that fulfills the purpose of what I believe art should ideally be; that is: a visual language which has the ability to both illuminate and transform. And when I find the art, the artist, I am moved to feature them here... and so, I present to you San Base, a Russian artist now living in Canada.

San Base, as in the case of many digital artists, though artistically inclined, was initially trained in the science of mathematics, becoming a cybernetics engineer before fully devoting his efforts to his true passion, painting. What he refers to as "Dynamic Painting" - both the images and the program he developed to generate them - represents the marriage of his painting skills and his digital expertise, and the result... well, as you can see from the example above, the result is amazing.

All too often digital creations are too slick - lacking integrity, emotion, and poetry - but, Base's transdimensional landscapes breathe, shift and transform as naturally and aesthetically pleasing as running water and drifting clouds. One recognizes something... maybe it's the way we dream... or the organic composition of our thoughts and memories. But, no description is ever necessary with successful art. It simply is, and, intuitively, we know it's precise.

Bravo, San Base!

Incidentally, after you've viewed this "painting", you might want to try this one!

For more of San Base's work, including imagery for sale, more videos (even a few Mandelbulb fractals), visit his website, and his online studio.


PS: And, here's two new articles in cyberspace that may interest you... "Art + Technology = New Art Forms, Not Just New Art", and "What is New Media Art?"


  1. MMm...I would think the perfect description for his work is, as you say, organic. It is the fluid flow of mathematics -- a complexity that marvels the imagination.

    Well posted!

    1. Thanks, Bob!

      Transdimensionalism is all about the mathematics of the organism... San Base's innovation was to bring a 2 dimensional abstraction into higher dimensions via movement. The little grey cells start humming!

      By the way, I learned a new word today: biocentrism.

      (Hat-tip to Bruce Duensing at "A Transit of Contingencies"...

    2. Correction: San Base's innovation was to bring a 2 dimensional abstraction - and/or trans-figure - into higher dimensions via movement... in a new transdimensional way! ;-)

    3. Biocentrism eh? An intriguing idea all harkens back to "if a tree falls in the forest and there is not one to hear it, does it make a noise?". Without life, is there a universe? I have no idea....but I would like to think everything is inter-related having sprung from the commonality of the creation of the universe(s).

      Having said that....biocentrics seems to be a bit TOO much bio-centric. Can't we all just get along?

    4. Re: biocentrics... just throwing things out there...
      Re: "Can't we all just get along?" Hell, no, daddio! ;-)