Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Liquidambar styraciflua

Live scan - Sweet Gum tree seedpod - found on a city street - 6/17/13, DS

The unripe Sweet Gum fruit


  1. LOL...who knew? I have a yard full of these things...they clatter upon the roof when the wind blows..they scuttle across the sidewalk to trip unwary strollers....and...now..I see them in a slightly new frame of mind...as something to marvel at.

    1. Living fractals... :-)

      But, I wish came upon a green one earlier in the season... very cool to look at.

      And, from the article comment section:"the green fruit of the sweet gum in an alcohol solution are, depending on dosage, as good as tamiflu to shorten and end the flu."

      So, I'm guessing you'll be prepared!