Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo of the Day

Siberian Shaman - Photo Credit: Alexander Nikolsky
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Just found in the Siberian Times article, Shamans Rouse the Ancient Siberian Spirits, by Anna Liesowska... I don't condone animal sacrifice, but this story about the "Call of the 13 Shamans" held in the Tyva (Tuva) Republic of Siberia might interest those familiar with my themes.

(Thanks to Grail-seeker at the Daily Grail for the link!)

For your future shamanic news & research, try Shaman Portal (link has also been added to this blog's sidebar).


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    1. Thought you (especially) might like them. Now that I'm residing near so much (dedicated) Native American land, I begin to understand a little more about the role of the shaman. The shaman doesn't (merely) channel animistic forces, and the spirits of the dead... he or she speaks for the land itself... When a mountain needs to sing & shout, it seeks a shaman.