Thursday, August 7, 2014

Matrices of Paper; the Creations of Eric Standley

"Either/Or Circle" - layered paper - 2001, Eric Standley
(click to enlarge)

Inspired by Gothic and Islamic architecture, much like Cristóbal Vila, another "matrix" artist featured on Trans-D, Eric Standley takes the fine art of paper cutting to a new level. That is, approximately 100 of them! 

What appears as one cohesive - and elegant - mandala is actually composed of layer upon layer of intricately laser-cut "windows."

To see the artist in action, David Pescovitz has posted a video found here.

The artist's new website can be found here.

(Thanks, DP!)


  1. Wonderfully amazing, mind-stretching art!

    1. And there's more amazing stuff on his website!

      Incidentally, I just noticed I'm getting this big minus sign where my little face icon should be. I think I accidentally deleted those icons from my web album cause I couldn't figure out what they were and why they were there. Hopefully this will be corrected... meanwhile, it's pretty funny actually. ;-)