Friday, October 21, 2011

"Beyond Infinity"

"Beyond Infinity" is designed as 'a mystical journey, in which the visitor progresses into the reflected layers of dreams endlessly nested in each other.' Salat notes specifically: 'Entering the work is also entering the world of the dream of the red mansion transposed to the 21st century', referencing the classical Chinese novel by Cao Xueqin."

What transpires when an architect/conjurer throws fractals, 3-D space, and M.C. Escher into his top hat (besides more eye-candy)? Well, something like Serg Salat's "Beyond Infinity", an installation that appeared in Shanghai this past September, a feat performed literally by light and mirrors. For more amazing photos and a video go here.

Serge Salat is an architect, author, and the founding director of the CSTB’s Urban Morphology Laboratory. An interview can be found here.

(Hat tip to Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza and his article: Serge Salat's Menger Sponge!)


  1. MOoooooooooooooooost NIFTY keen and superberly sierpinksi-esque!

  2. Yeah, must've been a trip to actually walk around in it!