Friday, July 31, 2015

Lughnasadh Interlude

Lughnasadh (detail) - digital - © 2007, DS

Lughnasadh and the "blue moon" synchronistically fall on the same date this year. What does this mean? It's a prompt: get your Pagan on!

For more information about Lughnadadh try here. For an astrological take on the current blue moon, try here.

Blessed Be,


An apology to my European readers.

It has come to my attention that there are numerous country-specific versions of this blog in cyber-space. Moreover, in the past week or so, the European ones (for example) have had a rather ungainly "cookie" notice plastered over this blogspot's title, due to a recently-enforced European cyber-law. I am dismayed, and sorry for the entire state of affairs, but I'm afraid it, and everything related to it - the "cookies," the notice, and whatever country-specific blog URLs are in existence -  are not of my creation and are entirely outside of my control.  In my opinion, the "cookie notice" should be available to all readers, and should appear on the main .com page; a possibility I'm considering although the actually mechanics involved are daunting.

Then again, as I pay Google nothing for the cyberspace in which this blog resides, I have no legitimate cause, excuse, (nor authority) to complain. Without this free space my blog(s) would not exist and I would have no venue(s). One gets what one pays for. On the other hand, my European readers are important to me, and I hope this recent development has not caused them to doubt my integrity nor the integrity of other American bloggers.

In the end, to my knowledge, "cookies" are utilized by most - if not all - web locations across the board and are hardly exclusive to Google blogs. Welcome to cyberspace.

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